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Samuel Kaipo

Licensee Salesperson


Having worked in real estate on and off since 1987 whilst enjoying living in West Auckland for over 40 years, Samuel has sold many properties and gained recognition early on in his career as the Rookie with the most sales.

His work experience and ethics have been about the extension of family values taught by hardworking parents. Now with five children and six grandchildren, he's passing on the tradition of hard work, but also of working smart.

With a family of rugby enthusiasts and a background playing for Northland Rugby, Sam enjoys what NZ has to offer and loves the outdoors, fishing, camping and travelling. "We have the best here and I'm very proud to have been called a Westie for the past 40 years".

Working alongside Espee their clients have benefitted and continue to benefit from their combined experience and knowledge as an investor, developer and mortgage broker over the past 18 years. For them, it is not just about doing what's necessary, it's about doing what's best. You, too, can benefit from their experience and skills. Call today!

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