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Raj Bhonsle

Licensee Salesperson


With over two decades of experience in servicing customer needs, Raj is fluent in English, Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi, which enables him to serve the international community well. 

Raj has been in the Property industry for many years and has experience operating a Property Management Business portfolio. He is well known to property investors and Raj’s primary goal is to add value to the Real Estate sector and through his experience, this will help him provide quality service to his clients and customers.

A natural problem-solver, Raj is a quick and adept thinker and can think outside the square as he appreciates that no property or situation is the same. He also realises that every client has different needs, so he ensures that every client has a positive and fresh experience. He is very good at determining how his clients prefer to communicate and understands that everyone is different and will have different ways of getting in touch.

“If you communicate in a way which other parties prefer, then you are more likely to get a response and establish a good, positive relationship with that party”.

Raj is already confident in what he does, but when he joined Ray White Universal his confidence doubled! He found that the entire team at Ray White Universal is enthusiastic and ready to go the extra mile, anytime and every time.   

Having always resided in West Auckland since he migrated from India in 1998, Raj has witnessed the massive growth over the years and is excited to be a part of the West Auckland real estate. West is Best!

Raj likes working long hours as he believes that when you love what you do, then you stop counting hours; he rather focuses on how much work he can do. When not working, Raj enjoys walking, reading books and interacting with people from diverse countries.

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