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Espee KaipoHope (in English) Esperanza (Spanish)

Licensee Salesperson


A seasoned real estate professional with an entrepreneurial mindset, Espee Kaipo brings a wealth of business and life experience to her role in residential property sales.

Known for creating clients for life, Espee's greatest strength lies in her ability to listen to her clients' needs and turn them into realistic and successful outcomes. She's an excellent communicator who understands the importance of prompt and regular contact, and makes sound judgements based on information and instinct.

If Espee says she'll do something, she'll do it, and she'll do it well. And while she's highly determined, committed and experienced, she's still got the personal touch. Clients often comment that Espee is hardworking and confident in what she does, friendly yet competitive, focused, and passionate in what interests her, especially when it comes to real estate.

Actively involved in the community, Espee has held various leadership positions in her church. This includes secretary, president, and teacher for young primary children, young women, and matured women in Relief Society promoting self-reliance, personal and family development and preparedness through education, homemaking, creativity, spirituality and life skills. She's an exceptionally proud mother to 5 children and 6 grandchildren, all of whom have been born and raised in West Auckland.

Speaking a multitude of languages including English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Visayan, Espee is also fluent in the languages of a seller, buyer and developer.

Espee has a degree in Commerce major in Accounting, licenced freight forwarder, trader, exporter and mortgage broker.

"With my financial knowledge, experience and network, I have helped many buy their first home, or start and build their property portfolios. My proudest moment is always seeing my happy client at the completion of a transaction, handing them the key to their new home, and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a job well done," says Espee.

Don't wait for things to happen - make things happen! Based at the beautiful Ray White Universal office in Universal Drive, Espee welcomes your call or pop in for a coffee and she'll ensure your next step on the property ladder is both rewarding and enjoyable.

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